Memory-Map placename files with postcodes

The first file is the recommended one to use if you can cope with a 32Mb download (the file is ~70Mb when unzipped). It can be used as a replacement for the gazetteer-only MMI files shipped by Memory-Map with their 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 mapping, as it contains all the place-names in those files as well as all GB postcodes.

  • All postcodes and OS 1:50k placenames (~32Mb zipped) – this file has been updated using the Nov 2011 Ordnance Survey data – the other files below are still from the original March 2010 versions.

  • Postcode areas (eg, "CW2 6" or "RG7 8") and OS 1:50k placenames (~6Mb zipped)
  • All postcodes only - no placenames (~26Mb zipped)
  • Postcode areas only - no placnames (eg, "CW2 6" or "RG7 8") (~175Kb zipped)

    The following files are the CSV files used to generate the MMI files listed above. They will only be of interest if you want to hack them about to create your own variations ...

  • Full postcode CSV files (120 files, ~26Mb zipped)
  • Postcode area CSV file (~200Kb zipped)
  • Gazetteer (placename) CSV file (~6Mb zipped)

    The following files are from the StreetView road index (OS Locator). Personally I think the postcodes are much more useful, since if you know a street address you generally know (or can easily get) a corresponding postcode, but I have included them here in case anyone finds them of use ...

  • MMI file of road names, with county or UA used as category (~21Mb zipped)
  • CSV used to generate the MMI (~21Mb zipped)
  • CSV of road names, with "Road" as category (~20Mb zipped)
  • The original OS data file, but with WGS84 latitude and longitude added (~51Mb zipped)

    Richard Philpott

    Last modified: 2011-12-26